Mr. Radhakrishna Bajaj

  • 2004
  • Jamnalal Bajaj Award for Constructive Work

Born: July 14, 1905

Is perhaps among the oldest surviving Gandhians. Has devoted entire life in the field of Constructive Work, which includes Khadi, welfare of women, rural development, Sarvodaya and Go-Seva.

Took active part in the non-cooperation movement and the Jaipur Satyagraha. Was charged with the offence of sabotage and sentenced to death during the Quit India movement. It was one of the major trials of that momentous period in our country's history.

Vinobaji's Gram Seva Mandal has been the focal point of his rural development work.

Became Secretary of the Go-Seva Sangh 60 years ago. Has set up Go- Shala, Goras Bhandar and Krishi Gram Seva Sangh. Made herculean efforts to bring about a halt to cow slaughter.

Totally committed to the Sarvodaya movement. Was intimately associated with the Bhoodan, Gramdan and Gram Swaraj movements. The growth of Mahila Ashram in Wardha is a true testimony to his commitment to the cause of women welfare.

Akhil Bharat Krishi - Goseva Sangh,
Gopuri, Wardha,
Maharashtra - 442 001
Tel: 07152 - 240852 / 240860 / 245050