Mr. Ram Kumar Singh

  • 2014
  • Jamnalal Bajaj Award for Application of Science and Technology for Rural Development

Born: December 30, 1964

After passing engineering degree, Mr. Ram Kumar Singh had decided to work in voluntary sector. He worked extensively in training the rural youth in various rural technologies. This gave him the opportunity to develop an understanding about rural youth and their mind set along with an idea to work for the development of appropriate technologies. In 1990, he joined 'Centre of Science for Villages' in Wardha. Here, under the able guidance of noted Gandhian Dr Devendra Kumar, he developed a vision for rural development with appropriate technologies so as to make the lives of village labourers, farmers and artisans drudgery free, economically independent, self sustainable and prosperous.

In 1999, Mr. Singh joined 'Suruchi Shikshan Vasahat Trust' (SSVT) in Bardoli, Surat. Though initially SSVT was focussing on campus-based activities, his vision and decision to involve the community both in development and use of technologies proved more impactful for the rural community. Within a short period his passion and dedication brought about a transformational change in the Vasahat as well as local community of more than fifty villages in and around Bardoli in terms of rural industrialisation.

In SSVT, work is carried in the three areas of technologies viz. agriculture tools, renewable energy and organic farming. The objectives are to: (1) Develop appropriate technologies, (2) Improve product efficiency and quality, (3) Make products commercially viable, and (4) Create strong network of the organisation, farmers and artisans within the community.