Mr. Siddharaj Dhadda

  • 2002
  • Jamnalal Bajaj Award for Constructive Work

Born: February 12, 1909

Master of Arts, Bachelor of Laws (L.L.B)

Pledged, since 1942, to devote the remaining years of his life for social and constructive activities.

Has imbibed in personal life the tenets of the constructive movement on important matters like Basic Education, use of Khadi & Village Industries products, removal of orthodoxy in marriages, equal importance to physical and other work, encouraging household ladies to take up social work.

Was simultaneously appointed Industry & Commerce Minister of the Rajasthan Government and the Chairman of the Rajasthan Village Industries Board in 1946.

Resigned from the Congress party and joined the Sarvodaya Movement in 1957.

Actively participated in relief activities, Harijan Seva, Naturopathy, Rashtra Bhasha, Go-seva, Prohibition, Communal Unity, National Integration etc. Mr. Dhadda believes in the supreme importance of people's power for such activities and for the successful working on democracy. His emphasis on development is on the "MAN" and in the economic and political level development through decentralisation with a village as a unit.

His outstanding contribution has been the development of large number of constructive workers who have been inspired by his personal example, active economic support and ideological guidance.

Was chosen by Shri Jayaprakash Narayan as his sole companion among numerous Gandhians for accompanying him for a world tour for pacifism and harmony.

Chaura Rasta,
Rajasthan - 302 003
Tel: 0141-22312419